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The Mid-Park
Highway Difference

Since our conception, Mid-Park Highway, formerly known as Roadway Construction Products (RCP), has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of multiple fabricated highway products including concrete, guardrail, signing and fence. We pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of processes, services, and the quality management system. If there is a specific need that our products do not fill, our team can fabricate custom solutions to ensure that our customer’s needs are met. Mid-Park Highway is a Division of Mid-Park, Inc., a family-owned manufacturing company founded in 1971. Originally serving Central Kentucky, we now routinely conduct business throughout the United States and continue to expand into both national and international markets.

Concrete Division

Mid-Park Highway is a manufacturer of load transfer assemblies. We provide quality concrete paving products to numerous transportation authorities within the United States and continue to expand into national and international markets. 


The concrete division is a leading manufacturer of quality products used in the construction of highway, airport and commercial paving. Our products meet and exceed the demands of today’s concrete paving standards.

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Guardrail Division

The Mid-Park Highway Guardrail Division is a full-service guardrail and guardrail accessories supplier providing guardrail system materials to installation contractors. Standard Guardrail sections are available in custom lengths as well as specialty bridge sections.


In addition to guardrail sections, Mid-Park Highway has a full line of guardrail posts available in any shape and size to meet your job requirements. Because we carry a wide variety of guardrail products and accessories, we can also provide Contractors with a wide range of guardrail packages to meet any need.

Sign Division

Mid-Park Highway is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality fabricated sign structures and products used in the construction of highways, airports, and commercial projects. We have the capabilities to be your one stop source for all your sign structure needs. From ITS structures to simple ground mounted sign-posts, we have the experience that is essential to complete the fabrication of today’s complex structure designs in an economical timeframe.

Mid-ParkHighway is an AISC certified fabrication facility with the personnel, organization, experience, capability, and commitment to meet the requirements of the Simple Steel Bridges category as set forth in the AISC certification program.

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Fence Division

Mid-Park Highway Fence Division is a distributor of woven wire fence and domestic chain link fence to meet a wide array of industry needs including highway, airport, construction, and equipment yards. Our fencing products meet ASTM certificates, state, federal and FAA requirements. Mid-Park Highway is able to meet all of your fencing and common fencing hardware needs. 

Custom Fabrication

If you have a specific need that our products do not fill, Mid-Park Highway can fabricate custom solutions to ensure that your needs are met. For more information concerning custom fabrication, contact us with information regarding your project specifications and our talented team will help you determine the best custom solution for fit your project needs.


We are a proud member of

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Mid-Park Highway

2555 Brandenburg Road, Leitchfield, KY 42754

P.O. Box 326, Leitchfield, KY 42755

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