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Mid-Park Highway is a manufacturer of load transfer assemblies since 1985. 

We provide quality concrete paving products to numerous transportation authorities including: Originally serving Central Kentucky, we now routinely conduct business all throughout the eastern half of the United States and continue to expand into both national and international markets.

The concrete division is a leading manufacturer of quality products used in the construction of highway, airport and commercial paving. Our products meet and exceed the demands of today’s concrete paving standards.

Products Include:

  • Basket Stakes

  • Dowel Bars

  • Dowel Bar & Tue Bar Assemblies

  • Hook Bolts/Wiggle Bolts/Coupling Nuts

  • Rebar/Tie Bars

  • Deformed Dowels

  • Transverse Bar Assemblies (TBA)

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Load Transfer Assembly


Mid-Park Highway manufactures both Contraction and Expansion style dowel baskets meeting the requirements of numerous state and federal agencies as well as commercial construction. Baskets can be manufactured to fit your needs and are available in Plain Dowel/Plain Frame, Epoxy Dowel/Plain Frame, Fully Epoxy Coated, and Fully Painted/Half Painted Assemblies. Also available, Tectyl 506 and M202 Asphaltum bond breakers.



Mid-Park Highway manufactures Tie Bar Baskets with numerous options of bar sizes and lengths, heights, dimensions to meet your needs. Available options are, Plain Rebar/Plain Frame, Epoxy Rebar/Plain Frame, and Fully Epoxy Coated.

• Rebar •

Loose Dowels

Mid-Park Highway stocks multiple diameters of both plain and epoxy coated full length steel bar which can be cut to multiple lengths to fit your needs. Available bar diameters are ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1”, 1.125”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, and 2”. Mid-Park Highway  also has the capability to paint and half-paint plain steel bars with an SSPC 25 red oxide primer as well as the ability to apply a Tectyl 506 bond breaker coating. Loose dowels come standard packaged on skids but are also available in DBI bundles. Our standard bar grades are ASTM A36 & ASTM A615 Gr. 60.


Mid-Park Highway can supply full length and cut to length rebar from 20’ to 60’ in length. Available in both plain steel and epoxy coated. Available sizes range from #3 to #14 rebar.

Transverse Bar Assembly

Tie Bars

Mid-Park Highway can supply tie bars cut to length, in both plain steel and epoxy coated steel, in rebar sizes from #3 to #14. Mid-Park Highway  can also supply fabricated/bent rebar upon request.

Mid-Park Highway has the capability to manufacture TBA’s for continuous reinforced concrete pavement. TBA’s can be manufactured in various heights, lengths, clip spacing’s, and with optional sand plates. TBA’s are available in plain steel and fully epoxy coated.

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Concrete accessories

Basket Stakes

Mid-Park Highway manufacturers baskets stakes out of .306” diameter wire to fit any situation. Available lengths are 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18.5”. Also available are .500” diameter wire stakes in 16” and 18” lengths with or without an ear. Custom stakes are also available.

Hook Bolts

Mid-Park Highway stocks multiple size of 5/8” hook bolts plus 12” wiggle bolts, available in both plain and epoxy coated.

  • 6” Plain and Epoxy Coated Hook Bolts

  • 8” Plain and Epoxy Coated Hook Bolts

  • 12” Plain and Epoxy Coated Hook Bolts

  • 12” Plain and Epoxy Coated Wiggle Bolts with available matching coupler and plastic cap

  • 6” Plain and Epoxy Coated Hook Bolt Assembly with matching coupler

  • Drop-in Anchor

Mid-Park Highway

2555 Brandenburg Road, Leitchfield, KY 42754

P.O. Box 326, Leitchfield, KY 42755

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