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The Mid-Park Highway Guardrail Division is a

full-service guardrail and guardrail accessories supplier providing guardrail system materials to installation contractors.


Standard Guardrail sections are available in custom lengths as well as specialty bridge sections. In addition to guardrail sections, Mid-Park Highway has a full line of guardrail posts available in any shape and size to meet your job requirements. Because we carry a wide variety of guardrail products and accessories, we can also provide Contractors with a wide range of guardrail packages to meet any need.


Products Include:

  • Base Plated Posts

  • Custom Bridge Tubing/Post

  • Flared End Elements

  • Guardrail/Guardrail Post

  • Guardrail End Terminal

  • Thrie Beam End Shoes

  • Thrie Beam Rail and Transistions

  • Rolled Buffers

  • W Beam End Shoes

Mid-Park Highway

2555 Brandenburg Road, Leitchfield, KY 42754

P.O. Box 326, Leitchfield, KY 42755

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